Once Upon a Pirate

Book Four in the Ever After Series (Listed as Book Three on MLR)

OnceUponAPirate-JaredRackler copyValda Rollins hates dragons and now he’s stuck with one who won’t leave him alone. It was bad enough he was imprisoned for helping right a wrong, but the beast locked up with him won’t stop pestering him.

Flame is a simple dragon. All he wants is to help his kingdom and if he gets a mate along the way he’d be even happier. Flame’s sole purpose in life is to protect people and he does that by staying strong. He doesn’t understand why more people don’t want to be their best. So what if he works out a lot, at least he can help those who need him, maybe even someday he could be a kings guard–that was until he met Valda and his plans changed.

Flame knew the instant he saw Valda they were mates. Valda might have other ideas, but Flame will get his man.

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