Once Upon a Christmas

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Flair and Saber have fun with holiday beads.


OnceUponaKingThese characters are from Once Upon a King from the Ever After series.

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The first story in this series is a free read you can find on ARe. Once Upon a Dragon.

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Thank you Kris for suggesting the dragons and to Ro for giving me the bead plot bunny.

The following short is unedited and naughty.

“My love, what are you doing?” Flair looked around his bedroom to see a tree by the window and odd bobbles all around the place.

“It’s Christmas!” Saber turned and smiled at him, his arms spread wide to show off what he’d done.

“Christmas? You know, I’ve heard of it, but we’ve never celebrated in the castle.” Flair moved closer to the tree and all of the sparkling bright lights.

“That is about to change. I brought a few things from my parents and picked up a few others. I’d do the whole castle up nice, but I need more time so maybe next year. For now, our room is going to be an explosion of decorations.  Plus a little treat for you.” Saber winked and walked over to Flair.

“Does it involve you cock and my ass?” That was something Flair was always ready for.

He tapped a couple of the lights. The bulbs were big and bright. Flair hadn’t seen anything like it before and wondered where Saber got them. They didn’t sell them in the kingdom, at least not that he was aware of.

Saber laughed and shook his head, “Maybe.”

“I have a lot of lost time to make up for.” He opened his arms. Saber walked right into them like he belonged.

And he did. Flair didn’t think he’d ever find his mate. Most of the men he met wanted Flair to be in charge and he got enough of that on a day-to-day basis with running his kingdom. In the bedroom he wanted to let someone else take the lead. Saber was perfect.

“Mmm… yes you do.” Saber kissed Flair’s neck. “And I plan to help you with that. I’m almost done here, why don’t you go get undressed and wait for me on the bed?”

“Don’t be too long or I’ll start without you.”

“Oh, you’ll want this treat.”


“Nope, because I plan on delivering.” Saber chuckled.

Flair smiled. He watched Saber mess with the lights and things for a few seconds before turning toward the bed. He had his clothes of in no time and was in a perfect position to watch Saber. Just looking at his mate had him hard. Flair turned to the bedside table and grabbed the oil. He figured they would need it anyway.

He poured some into his hand and lazily jacked off while watching his lover move around the room. Saber was an efficient man and didn’t take long with his beautification of the room. The harsh light of the room was turned off leaving only the colorful lights of the tree to fill the room.

It was beautiful. They needed the whole castle to enjoy in this tradition. But later because right now he was ready for his treat.

Saber put his hands on his hips and shook his head.

“You couldn’t wait a few minutes?”

“I’m just getting warmed up.” Flair gave Saber a wicked grin.

Saber removed his clothes and Flair drooled. Saber’s cock was thick and long and tasty. He should know, he’d had a taste that morning.

“You’re facing the wrong way.” Saber motioned for him to turn over.

“But I want to look at you.”

“Well… you can look, but you won’t be able to enjoy your treat.”

Saber went to the reading chair and picked up something. Flair had been so distracted by the unusual site of a tree in his room that he hadn’t noticed it until right then.

“What is that?” Flair propped himself up on his elbows to get a better look.

“I need to decorate everything in the room. I think your ass needs some festive lights.” Saber held up a string of something. It looked like the lights he had hanging from the tree.

“Are those… lights?”

“Not really.” Saber climbed onto the bed and handed over the object.

“Oh. Beads!” They were a nice size circle, but he had no idea what Saber would use them for.

“Yes, nice little round beads that look like Christmas tree lights. Now turn over.” Saber slapped Flair’s side.

“What are you going to do with those?”

“I already told you, I’m going to give your ass some Christmas spirit.”

“That just doesn’t sound right.” Flair chuckled.

He turned over trusting Saber in every way. Saber ran his hand down Flair’s back and it settled any nerves he might have felt. He tensed for a brief second when Saber reached his hole before relaxing back into the bed.

“On your knees, You Majesty.”

Flair snorted. Saber did like to tease and only called him that in the bedroom. Flair shook his head, but followed the directions. He was expecting the chill from the oil to run down his crack, but he still jumped.

Saber circled Flair’s hole breeching him with a thumb.

“Mmmm… more.”

“You just hold your horses. We’re going at my pace.”


One of the beads was pushed into his hole.

“If you liked one, wait until I have the whole lot up there.”

“How—Oh Goddess—many?”

“Guess you’ll have to wait and see.” Saber’s voice was huskier than before.

His mate was enjoying their play as much as he was.

Another and another of the beads were pushed in. Flair wiggled on the bed, it was almost too much.

“So, full.”

“One more. You think they feel good now? Just wait.” Saber kept a hand on Flair’s back, stroking up and down, but it just added to the sensation.

Flair was panting and shaking.

“Full. So. Full. Saber, please.”

“Shh. Calm down just a little. That’s it. Deep breath. There you go.”

Flair hung his head and focused on the sound of Saber’s voice. He’d just stopped shaking when Saber began to see something about the Twelve Days of Christmas and his love giving him something. Every time he got to one of the days he tugged at the string of beads in his ass. One. At. A. Time.

“Oh, fuck!”

It was too much. He was on the verge of coming.

“Don’t do it. Not yet. Wait for me.” Saber gave another tug. “Last one. Now—“


Saber eased his cock inside Flair’s hole and it was killing him. Flair rocked back causing Saber to peg his gland and he was a goner. His come splashed onto the bed. Saber reached around and stroked Flair’s cock, giving him more stimulation as Saber rocked back and forth inside him faster and faster.

“Flair!” Saber collapsed onto Flair’s back.

He tried to avoid the wet spot, but with Saber’s weight on his back, he dropped right into it, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t moving. For a week.

“Merry Christmas to me.” Saber rolled off him and snuggled into Flair.

“You’ll have to tell me more about your holiday, but later. Right now? Sleep.”

If this was Christmas they would have to have it every day from now one. Merry Christmas, indeed.